Maintenance Specials

Oil Change​

“Neighbor Friend Program”

  • Special Offer

  • Oil Change

  • Fill all fluid levels

  • Air Inflation

  • Tire Rotation



* Synthetic oil at additional cost.

Fuel System Cleaning


Fuel System Cleaning Gas Powered Vehicles – $98.95

Restore your engine’s performance and economy. System effectively removes carbon deposits and varnish. Increases vacuum and performance of the vehicle. System applied directly through the induction system. It will clean upper intake, carbon deposits, and injectors. It also eliminates rough idle and hesitation. Service cleans sensor and catalytic systems. Throttle body cleaning and fuel tank treatment combine to restore your engine’s fuel system to clean operation of maximum fuel economy. Scan engine, Ford or GM and update engine module programming. Engine fuel system service should be performed every year or 12,000 miles.

Transmission Flush & Fill



Flush & fill transmission with chemical cleaner and synthetic transmission oil. Add conditioner and suppliment. High Grade Synthetic Long Life Transmission Oil.     Flushing your Transmission System extends the life of the transmission, lowers operating temperatures, makes the transmission shift smoother, removes sludge, varnish and harmful deposits, cleans the lines, oil pump and the torque converter. The Automatic Transmission Builders Association says that “Nearly nine out of ten transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination.” Not servicing your transmission may cause overheating of the oxidized and contaminated fluid resulting in poor shifting, sticking valves and slippage resulting in expensive repairs.

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