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Commercial Vehicle DOT Inspection

A DOT Inspection is the nature of the beast. In the State of Indiana, all commercial vehicles 10,001 lbs. and over must submit and pass an annual DOT Inspection. DOT Inspections are a safety initiative and as such are considered good for the driver and other vehicles on the road. Ruckman’s can complete your DOT Inspection and certify your vehicle’s road-worthiness. But because we’re also a commercial and fleet vehicle service center, we can also make any certification repairs that may be needed during the inspection process. Call your friends at Ruckman’s today to schedule your DOT Inspection!

Call us today at +1 (260) 483-1151.

So what’s involved in a DOT Inspection?

Level 1: Vehicle Road-worthines


V Head

V Tail

V Brake

V Turn

V 4-way

V Marker

V Dash


V Wear

V Defects

V Inflation

V Steering

V Free play

V Components




Cracked, missing parts


Oil leaks



Coolant leaks

Air System

V Leaks

V Low pressure cut-off

V Low pressure warning


Cracked or defective

Missing components

Loose/missing bolts


V Cracked, missing parts

V Fire extinguisher

V Triangles

Call us today at +1 (260) 483-1151.

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